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"The writers that I aspire to, like Joni Mitchell and Randy Newman, they'll tell you that the work gets harder, not easier. And they set that bar for us where we're always striving to do something better than the last time, whether it's the next song or just the next line."
       by Christopher Cross
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The Definitive Christopher Cross[Special Edition] (2001.11)
2011.11 Definitive CC
Amazon USA
Tracks 01 Ride Like The Wind 02 All Right 03 Say You'll Be Mine 04 Sailing 05 Never Be The Same 06 Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) 07 Think Of Laura 08 No Time For Talk 09 Words Of Wisdom 10 Every Turn Of The World
11 Love Is Love (In Any Language) 12 I Will (Take You Forever) With Frances Ruffelle 13 A Chance For Heaven (Swimming Theme) 14 Swept Away (New Remix) 15 Loving Strangers     (David's Theme From Nothing In Common) 16 In the Blink of an Eye 17 Back of My Mind 18 All Right (Remix) 19 Ride Like the Wind (Remix)
Credits Christopher Cross Abraham Laboriel Andy Salmon David Hungate Freddie Washington Joe Chemay Mike Porcaro Nathan East Paulinho DaCosta PLenny Castro Victor Feldman Lenny Castro Chris Ralles Jody Cortez John Robinson Michael Baird Tommy Taylor Steve Gadd Chuck Gary Grant Jerry HeyVocals Tom Scott Ernie Watts Gary Herbig Kim Hutchcroft Jay Graydon Steve Lukather Tim Pierce Marty Walshr Frances Ruffelle
Composer, Vocals, Guitar, Guitar (Solo) Bass Bass Bass Bass Congas Bass Bass Percussion, Bass Percussion Percussion Percussion Drums Drums Drums Drums Drums Drums Trumpet Trumpet Trumpet Saxophone (Solo) Saxophone Saxophone Saxophone Electric Guitar (Solo) Guitar, Electric Guitar (Solo) Electric Guitar (Solo) Guitar Vocals (With)

Flamenco Michael McDonald
Nicolette Larson
Alexandra Brown Khalig Glover Lynn Blythe Davis Marty McCall Myrna Matthews Portia Griffin Richard Marx Stormie Omartian Vesta Williams Rob Meurer Michael Omartian
Marcus Ryle Michael Boddicker Robbie Buchanan Patrick Leonardr Judd Miller Peter Allen Burt Bacharach Carole Bayer Sager Steve Dorff John Bettisr Juan Belmonte Abel Arana Pumpin' Dolls Other Artists

Vocals Backing Vocals (Additional Background Vocals, Additional Vocals) Backing Vocals (Additional Background Vocals) Backing Vocals (Background) Backing Vocals (Background) Backing Vocals (Background) Backing Vocals (Background) Backing Vocals (Background) Backing Vocals (Background) Backing Vocals (Background) Backing Vocals (Background) Composer, Keyboards, Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Programmed By (Synthesizer Programming) Composer, Keyboards, Synthesizer , Piano, Piano (Acoustic) Programmed By (Synthesizer Programming) Programmed By (Synthesizer Programming) Keyboards Keyboards, Composer Synthesizer (E.V.I.: Solo & Pads) Composer Composer Composer Composer Composer Remix, Producer (Additional Production) Remix, Producer (Additional Production) Remix
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