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"The writers that I aspire to, like Joni Mitchell and Randy Newman, they'll tell you that the work gets harder, not easier. And they set that bar for us where we're always striving to do something better than the last time, whether it's the next song or just the next line."
       by Christopher Cross
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The Café Carlyle Sessions
2008 The Café Carlyle Sessions
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Tracks 01 Never Be the Same 02 Deputy Dan 03 Swept Away 04 Walking In Avalon 05 Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) 06 In the Blink of an Eye 07 Think of Laura 08 All Right 09 Back of My Mind 10 Sailing
11 Open Up My Window 12 Driftin' Away 13 Words of Wisdom 14 Ride Like the Wind 15 Talking In My Sleep
Credits Christopher Cross David Mann Andy Ezrin Kevin Axt Dave Beyer
Guitar(acoustic), Primary Artist, Vocals Sax Piano Bass Drums, percussion
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